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Wilson Staff Cortex Driver (Driver vs. Driver)

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  • The new Wilson Staff Cortex driver is the winner of season two of the Driver vs. Driver competition, now available to the public!
  • Fast Cage Technology replaces more than 44% of the club head with lightweight carbon fiber and leaves a rigid titanium skeleton for stability and precise weight distribution.
  • An eight-gram weight on Wilson's longest sliding track ever allows you to adjust for your preferred spin option.
    • Move the weight toward the face for a low-launching flight with maximum roll-out.
    • Move the weight toward the rear of the club head for higher ball flight and maximum carry distance.
  • Two movable weighs in the heel and toe provide direction control.
    • Place the eight-gram weight near the toe and the two-gram weight near the heel for a neutral weight distribution.
    • Move the eight-gram weight to the heel and the two-gram weight to the toe for a draw setting.
  • Fast-Fit hosel system allows you to fine-tune trajectory with six unique loft settings in half-degree increments.
  • The premium Fujikura ATMOS Tour Spec shafts come in three profiles with unique launch and spin to fit every type of golfer.
    • The 76-gram Black shaft option provides very low launch and low spin in an extra-stiff flex.
    • The 64-gram Blue option offers mid-to-high launch with ample spin for versatility and balanced performance in a stiff flex.
    • The Red option is available in senior (57 grams), regular (57 grams), and stiff (67 grams) flexes with a softer tip to generate higher launch and greater spin.
  • With its variety of weight, loft, and shaft options, the Cortex driver is ideal for all golfers with a custom set up to fit everyone.


  • Fast Cage Technology
  • Spin control sliding weight track
  • Direction control heel and toe weights
  • Fast-Fit hosel system
  • Variable Thickness Face

Fast Cage Technology

Fast Cage Technology

Fast Cage Technology uses a titanium structure inside while replacing more than 44% of the club head with lightweight carbon fiber for the perfect blend of structural stability and precise weight distribution to allow for ultimate adjustability.

Spin Control Sliding Weight Track

Spin Control Sliding Weight Track

The sliding weight track in the center of the sole is the longest ever used in a Wilson Staff driver. An eight-gram weight slides forward and back to provide the proper spin your swing requires.

Direction Control Heel and Toe Weights

Direction Control Heel and Toe Weights

The Cortex driver comes with a neutral set up with an eight-gram weight in the toe and a two-gram weight in the heel. Swap them around with the eight-gram weight in the heel for more draw bias.


  • Gender: Men's
  • Loft: 9°, 10.5°, 12° | Adjustable +2/-1°
  • Type: Drivers
  • New: New
  • Length: 45"
  • Head Size: 460cc


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